f you’re like most business owners, you’re working in every aspect of your business to keep it going. With so much to do to run your business, moving it forward becomes difficult.  And, even if you did have the time, would you know what you needed to move your business to the next level?


Our business assessment can help identify the growth and development areas needed to help achieve this movement in your business.


A Business Assessment Delivers

There’s more to a business assessment than meets the eye. Some entrepreneurs assume a business assessment points out what’s wrong with their business. Although that’s one perspective, we prefer you use the business assessment as a tool to identify opportunities to grow your business rather than as a weapon against yourself or your business.


Here's how to obtain the Contractor Assessment document.


Step 1:  Download the Contractor Assessment (you can complete it as soon as it opens as it is a fillable form).

Step 2:  Save the completed form to your hard-drive and email it to your Program Manager (if you do not have their email, you can obtain it by going to the Program Teams page (click here.)