Small Businesses in the Emerging and Developing Stage of Growth and Experience

The GMA Technical Assistance Program is targeted to emerging and developing firms with the interest and potential to move to the next level of business stability and growth.



To participate the business must:

1. Classify themselves as a construction company with a minimum of one years’ experience.

2. Be defined as a small business based on the applicable federal and state definition, that are primarily in the emerging and developing stages of growth and experience.

3. Be willing to become certified DBE, MBE, SDVOSB, VOSB or WBE by federal or state programs as applicable.

4. Be willing to sign a commitment to attend all sessions and complete all homework assignments.

5. Demonstrate commitment to follow through with the entire initiative, including personally attending the education and training workshops.

6. Agree to assemble the necessary documentation needed to conduct a business assessment, certification and subsequent assistance.

7. Operate locally or within the six-county region contiguous to Cook County.

If interested, download the program application.